Back from vacation

The last seven months haven’t been so bad here at the collective house. We turned the front room into a library/reading room, landscaped the front yard, and organized the sound equipment in the basement. We also performed some minor repairs on some of our vehicles. I even found time last week to rebuild an old guitar using parts a friend gave me in return for helping him move.

All of this activity doesn’t explain why I haven’t made a post since January, however. Looking back over my old posts, I realized that I had become repetitive, and I needed a break, a chance to get away obsessing over the direction, or lack thereof, of this country. I also wanted to give myself an opportunity to formulate some ideas for posts about music and pop culture, as well as more personal things I’d like to write about.

So hopefully this will be the beginning of a new era for this blog. I’ve really missed writing and finally feel inspired enough to get back to it.


One Response to “Back from vacation”

  1. verona Says:

    Looking forward to it. Hopefully the same bug will bite me.

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